Joany Mann

Joany Mann

We are glad to introduce Joany Mann to you. This is our top author with a Master's in Marriage Counseling, having graduated from Liberty University. Also, she has clinical experience as a Marriage Counselor.

Joany boasts impressive personality traits that help her stand out in the area of her professional activities, including compassion, sensitivity, and organizational skills. She works with couples and writes articles for in her spare time.

What makes Joany stand out among other authors?
Having a marriage counselor in our team helps us produce credible content that both inspires and educates the readers. Joany knows everything about the conflicts that might happen between the lovers, especially when they're in long-distance relationships. She analyzes the situations critically before writing articles, providing accurate and practical tips to the readers.

What does Joany find inspiring?
She can't imagine Friday evenings without a good psychological thriller and finds inspiration in other people. Joany has attended Gotham Writers Online Writing Classes, where she found like-minded people who help her stay curious and never give up on things she's passionate about. Also, Joany is keen on winemaking and has a cooking blog, and we can assure you that these hobbies help our author come up with "flavorful" texts.

Articles Written By Joany Mann

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